Supporting Corporate Philanthropy

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who has launched a company, a shareholder in a privately held company, or involved in a family-owned business—your investment in its success is undeniable. The company’s reputation, along with its relationships with employees, vendors, customers, and the broader community, are of utmost importance. This is where establishing a charitable initiative within your company can elevate your business.

Philanthropy is good business! Not just because you want to be a good corporate citizen but because philanthropy is also a strategic opportunity to differentiate your enterprise in a crowded marketIt also influences employee retention and customer satisfaction.   

We can help. 

Since 2000, we have partnered with business owners and entrepreneurs to establish or expand their corporate philanthropy programs. Instead of standard packages, we provide personalized, concierge-level service tailored to each client’s unique business needs. Our approach ensures that you, your family, advisors, and community stakeholders are actively engaged throughout the process, aligning it closely with your business objectives.

Studies show that enterprises with a clearly defined purpose, often exemplified by a philanthropic strategy, typically experience more growth, have higher customer satisfaction, and have a reputation as champions for their community. 

  • 66% of US workers believe that companies should be philanthropic. (Benevity, 2022)  
  • There is an 80% reduction in average attrition for the engaged workplace giving participants. (SHRM, 2023)  
  • 60% of millennials make their employment decisions on their employer’s commitment to purpose (Pledge 1%)  
  • Purpose-driven companies provided owners with 13.6% CAGR return on average over a twenty-year period. (Jump Associates, 2023) 


Some common corporate philanthropy programs we have developed or expanded:

  • Corporate Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs)  
  • Pass-Through (Conduit) Foundations  
  • Matching Gift Programs  
  • Volunteer Programs  
  • Sponsorships  
  • Workplace Giving  
  • Social Impact Bonds  
  • External CSR Partnerships  

The value to you

When implemented effectively, corporate philanthropy will grow your business by attracting and retaining purpose-driven employees and building stronger community relationships. In a family-owned business, philanthropy will strengthen family bonds by fostering a shared sense of values and purpose.