We want to be one of your trusted professionals. In that regard, we want you to know that we have a strong confidentiality policy.

Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd. recognizes the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of non-public information communicated to us by you, your attorneys, your accountants, and other trusted professionals concerning your assets and distributions, and liabilities and expenses, whether past, current, or planned, as well as non-public knowledge and data relating to any business or charitable entity of yours.

Except as may be required by a lawful judicial, governmental, or regulatory authority, the lawful order of a court or agency of competent jurisdiction, or except to the extent that we receive express authorization from you, we will treat all of the non-public information communicated to us during the course of our engagement as confidential, and we will not disclose the same to any person except those persons who will be working with us on our engagement and who, in turn, shall have agreed to honor this confidentiality policy; and we will not use your non-public information for ourselves in any way.