Start the Philanthropic Journey

Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd. supports the needs of donors who are just beginning their philanthropic journey by providing the tools and resources they need to define and create all the elements necessary for an effective charitable giving program, resulting in a clear roadmap and increased confidence.

For many donors just starting, our Philanthropic Roadmap® is the ideal resource to spur thinking and lay the groundwork for building a realistic and realizable strategy and approach. The Philanthropic Roadmap® is a collaborative process that allows you to work at your own pace or with family members.

An overview of the process

Motivation for Giving

Understand what drives you to engage in philanthropy, which in turn helps you establish what you seek to accomplish.

Vision and Goals

Explore what philanthropy means to you and establish what success looks like, finding a north star to guide future strategic decisions. Determine your giving budget and ensure it’s properly allocated to achieve your goals; identify the time horizon and who will be involved.


Determine how you want to be perceived in the world and what is most important to ground your philanthropy.

Focus Areas

Identify what you care about most deeply, specific issue areas, populations, as well as the geographies in which to prioritize.

Mission Statement

Craft a mission statement to inform external stakeholders of your funding interests and provide an overarching guide for charitable giving.

Giving Strategies

Develop your preferences for the type of work and organizations you will support, the size of gifts, and the strategies you’ll employ to achieve your goals.

Giving Protocols and Governance

Develop a governance structure and put important giving protocols in place so you can successfully identify, evaluate, and respond to grantmaking opportunities.

The value to you

Once you have all of these pieces in place you are ready to deepen your knowledge, prioritize resources and implement your strategies. Most importantly, you will discover the philanthropic personality you will take into the world and feel inspired for the incredible journey ahead.