Support and Collaboration

How do you work with advisors?

Our work with, and on behalf of advisors, is as important a part of our practice as is our work with donors. We seek ways to enhance the advisor’s practice and support their market differentiation. Because we are completely conflict-free, we maintain total objectivity around the charitable interests of donors and work collaboratively with their trusted advisors.

Our work with advisors reflects a partnership that provides the support they want to best respond to the interests and needs of their clients.

What you get by working with us




The Charitable Planning Desk Reference® for Advisors

The only resource of its kind that offers a complete set of tools and resources to help advisors work more effectively with clients around their charitable intent.

To see a sneak peak of the book or download your copy, visit our Charitable Planning Desk Reference® page.

What our advisors are saying

I truly appreciate the partnership we have. You help our team feel much more comfortable talking about their client’s charitable giving. That comfort level is a value add that helps us level the playing field with larger wealth advisory firms.

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