Our Company

Who is Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd.?

In 2000, Betsy Brill and Susan Winer fervently believed—and still do—that anyone who cares deeply about tackling the social, environmental and economic challenges in local communities and the world … in a meaningful and measurable way … should have the tools and partners they need to achieve their goals.

Strategic Philanthropy Ltd. was born into an increasingly complex and evolving philanthropic landscape that has created both new opportunities and challenges for funders to maximize the impact of their investments on the issues they care about most.

Our business model is very simple

Our company values

Working with integrity

We are transparent and committed to doing only what’s best in the pursuit of our clients’ vision.

Striving for equity

We want to help create a world where society is just and fair, enabling all people to participate and reach their full potential.

Embracing inclusion

We listen to understand, we seek to empower others, and respect every voice so we can collectively act with purpose.

Improving quality of life

Our goal is always to effect change and create an impact that directly affects the core needs and interests of individuals, local communities, and the world.

Leading with insight

We seek to create a society of informed philanthropists who are on a quest for knowledge, experiences, and data that will create successful strategies for giving.

Acknowledging our agency

We recognize that all of us have the capacity and influence to make significant contributions to improving the world around us.

What our clients are saying

We honestly had no idea how to talk to our kids about a recent liquidity event. We didn’t want them to think they never had to work again. We wanted them to be actively involved in our new foundation but didn’t know how to discuss money. You not only helped us communicate our situation but also in navigating how the children could become involved with our philanthropy. Thank you.