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Why do I need a Philanthropic Advisor?

Just like with any legal or financial decision, philanthropic success comes from having subject matters experts that will make sense of a complex landscape and gather the information you need to make decisions that lead to meaningful and measurable outcomes. In the end, what you want… and should have… is confidence that you will achieve your philanthropic goals, during your lifetime and as part of your legacy.

Whatever your motivations or interests, you want to make sure your charitable resources are being used efficiently and effectively while having a fulfilling philanthropic journey.

Our Services

We are donor-centric – all of the services below are tailored to each donor’s unique philanthropic journey. Explore what we can do to maximize your charitable impact and the rewarding experience of thoughtful giving.

Assessing Your Giving

Ensure that your charitable giving is still in sync with your goals and mission.


Start the Philanthropic Journey

Establish best practices for every stage of your charitable giving.


Support Family Giving

Create a meaningful and impactful charitable plan that responds to all generations.


Deploy Donor-Advised Funds

Turn your donor-advised fund into meaningful change.


Manage Foundations

Receive administrative, grantmaking, and program support to ensure efficiency and best practices.


Ensure Successful One-time Gifts

Protect your lifetime and legacy investments.


Develop a Legacy Plan

Define the footprint that you want to leave behind.


Experience a Community Field Trip™

Get a first-hand perspective on issues that are important to you.

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To date, we’ve facilitated more than $12 billion in charitable gifts.  

What our clients are saying

We could not have structured a gift of this size without your help. It was a complicated and important transaction for us and the donor. We learned a lot about talking to high-net-worth donors because of this experience.

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