Ensure Successful One-time Gifts

You want to make a significant gift to an institution or organization… Given the amount of funds you are willing to commit, the gift should align with your intent and the capacity and needs of the organization. It’s also important that your interests are protected because significant one-time gifts are an investment, and like any investment, they come with opportunities and risks.

Whether gifts are made from a Foundation, Donor Advised Fund, Trust, or checkbook, we work with our clients’ legal counsel to mitigate the following risks that can cause complications and frustrations:

Use of Funds

An institution may use the funds in ways that are inconsistent with your wishes or values.

Lack of Impact

Your gift may not have the intended impact because external factors make it difficult to achieve the desired outcomes.

Reputation Risk

Depending on the nature of the institution and the cause it supports, your association with an institution could affect your reputation.

Governance and Compliance Risk

An institution may not have adequate governance and compliance practices in place.

Tax and Legal Risks

There may be tax and legal risks associated with making a large one-time gift, such as triggering an IRS audit or running afoul of regulations.

Too often, gifts are made with the right motivations but without enough attention to the “what ifs” that can happen. For example:

  • What if… 10 years after you have made a gift that carries your name, someone else makes a larger gift and wants their name on it?
  • What if… future leadership sets different priorities than you had proposed and funded?

These scenarios have happened to donors, which is why we research and develop each gift’s construct and specifics to include benchmarks and accountability.

The value to you

The result of our work together is a gift that has the greatest meaning for all stakeholders while simplifying the process and providing you with ongoing support in assessing the gift’s impact. In addition, your legal counsel will have the appropriate philanthropic language for the gift agreement to ensure your intent is codified.