Support Family Giving

Since Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd. first opened its doors in 2000, we have been committed to helping families come together around shared values. We know that family philanthropy can be complicated, but it also provides a place for conversations across generations that might never take place. Philanthropy is a wonderful training ground for wealth stewardship.

We understand every family is unique. At the onset, we spend valuable time with each participant to find the most appropriate approach that aligns with their goals and aspirations. Because each person, each generation, comes to the conversation with different expectations, interests, and degree of knowledge or experience, these initial conversations are critical to finding common ground before bringing the family together.

Meaningful and impactful philanthropy doesn’t happen overnight or in a vacuum. The learning curve is different for each person, and the process will vary for each family. However, there are ways to ensure success. For example:

  • Explore options for determining the most appropriate charitable vehicle and the time horizon within which to distribute your philanthropic capital.
  • Articulate and align around common goals and values.
  • Develop a strategy that includes a mission and guidelines to achieve your family’s goals.
  • Create a structure for how your family will work together and steward the family’s philanthropic resources.
  • Incorporate helpful strategies for managing family dynamics.

The value to you

With the right learning experience and open, honest, facilitated communication, every family member can become an influential contributor to the family legacy. More importantly, by employing some of the tools outlined above, family members are empowered to collaborate, embrace their potential, and make a meaningful, collective impact.

Further reading

For more about our perspective on this topic, download a PDF of our article, Family Philanthropy: Bridging the Generation Gap and Working Together, published by PKF O’Connor Davies.