Supporting Foundations

If you have a private or corporate foundation, having an operational structure in place is critical. You want to ensure that everything you are doing is compliant and aligned with your philanthropic goals.

This is where we come into the picture. We provide comprehensive expertise and support so you can be relieved of day-to-day administration while we carry out every aspect of your foundation’s activities.

Our foundation management and administration services provide high-touch customized foundation staffing at a fraction of the cost of a single foundation office. Providing a well-run environment for your charitable giving includes protecting your reputation, growing your organization’s presence, and helping you to derive the greatest possible success and satisfaction.

Some of what you get with our Foundation Management Services:

The value to you

By navigating the complexities of managing a foundation, we optimize operations, reduce administrative burdens, ensure that you incorporate effective philanthropic practices, and are compliant with legal and regulatory requirements.