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Giving Insights® is a periodic podcast series produced by Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd. addressing important issues facing the philanthropic community around the world. Included are conversations with thought leaders and change-makers who explore challenges and opportunities for philanthropy and for all of us as we navigate a continually changing landscape.

The podcast series is available for free on the firm’s website, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you go to listen to podcasts.

Episode 11 | Is It Too Late to Do Anything About Climate Change?

Listen to a conversation between Betsy Brill, President of Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., and Katie Redford, Executive Director of the Equation Campaign, about what can be done to reduce the impact of climate change and potentially save the environment and planet. The Equation Campaign was founded by members of the Rockefeller family and is focused on the intersection of climate change and climate justice. In a wide-ranging conversation Betsy and Katie talk about:

  • What is being done to reduce carbon emissions
  • How indigenous people and people of color are leading the effort to stop oil and gas companies from polluting the air, water and land in their communities
  • What the Equation Campaign is doing to support these efforts

Giving Insights® Because the more we know… the greater impact we can have.

Episode 10 | How the Pandemic Has Changed the World of Art and Collectibles

In the newest episode of our monthly Podcast series: Giving Insights®, Ron Varney, founder and President of Ronald Varney Fine Art Advisors, and Susan Winer, COO and Co-Founder of Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., will explore: How the Pandemic Has Changed the World of Art and Collectibles. They will discuss:

  • What has changed in the art market in terms the art interests, ways in which art is sold, and who is buying
  • How museums have been affected by the Pandemic and changing art world
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for buyers
  • How using art and collectibles to fund charitable gifts has become even more popular

Giving Insights® The more we know… the greater impact we can have.

Episode 9 | Beyond Politics: A Conversation on Immigration

Mary Meg McCarthy, Executive Director of the National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC), one of the nation’s preeminent immigrant and human rights advocacy organizations, and Betsy Brill, President of Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., discuss immigration and the migrant crisis which has been a touchstone of the U.S. political debate for decades. The conversation explores:
• The opportunities and challenges facing the U.S and the growing number of migrants seeking refuge in the U.S.
• Why it is important to remember that this a human issue not a political issue
• How climate change, poverty and political unrest around the world are the significant causal factors for migration

Giving Insights® The more we know… the greater impact we can have.

Episode 8 | Part 2…HATE! Why it’s so prevalent in our society and what can we do about it.

This two-part series looks at the causes for, and ways to address, hate, hostility, and prejudice in our communities and across the country. Following up on the conversation with Ken Stern in May, we talk with Eric Ward, Executive Director of the Western States Center and a Senior Fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center. Eric has spent the last 30 years exploring the relationship between authoritarian movements, hate, and violence.

A respected author, speaker, and activist, he talks about how and why white nationalism has become so prevalent and what individuals and communities can do to combat this dangerous trend. Eric cautions that we cannot ignore what is happening and that racial inequality and the deepening divide in the country are threats to all of our freedoms.

Episode 7 | HATE! Why it’s so prevalent in our society and what can we do about it.

This is the first in a two-part series that looks at the causes and ways to address hate, hostility, and prejudices that seem to be more virulent than ever before. In this interview Ken Stern, Director of the Bard Center for the Study of Hate at Bard College, explores:

  • Why people hate
  • The need for a more systemic approach to addressing the root causes and impact of the growing hostility and violence that is so pervasive in our society
  • How we can create a larger framework for addressing hatred in our society

Philanthropy in the New Normal is a Podcast Series produced by Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd that looks at how philanthropy has been impacted by the events of 2020; the global health crisis, the economic downturn in great part created by the Pandemic, the displacement of people and damage to the environment caused by an accelerating global warming and the spotlight that has been focused on social justice and racial inequalities.

We will explore how philanthropy can address systemic issues, protect the safety net for marginalized and disenfranchised populations, and provide an opportunity for more people to get involved.

The podcast series is available on the firm’s website, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you go to listen to podcasts.

Episode 6 | What’s Happening to Philanthropy?

Philanthropy in the near future will have very different priorities says Teri Behrens, Executive Director of the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy at Grand Valley University. Teri and Betsy Brill, President of Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., discuss The Johnson Center’s recently released 11 Trends in Philanthropy for 2021 and what we can expect to see impacting the field of philanthropy in the coming months and years. They will explore:

  • How the next generation of philanthropists is influencing the direction of philanthropy
  • What trends were driven by the Pandemic
  • What anyone who wants to make a difference in their community or the world should think about when spending their charitable resources

Episode 5 | Integrating Investments and Philanthropy: A Unique Perspective

Hear a conversation with Jennifer Astone, Founder and Principal of Integrated Capital Investing; a philanthropic thought leader and one of the prominent voices in financial activism. Jen offers an intriguing and thoughtful way for donors to rethink how their financial resources are invested in order to achieve the greatest impact in the issue areas they care most about. As Jen says, “you do not have to give up a return on your investment, you just have to understand how to employ the tools that exist to align your financial resources for maximum impact.”

Episode 4 | Covid Kids. How is the Next Generation impacted by the Pandemic?

Two experienced and respected mental health professionals: Dr. Harold Koplewicz, President and Medical Director of the Child Mind Institute and Dr. Christina Biedermann, Associate Professor at Adler University who is also a Psychoanalyst, talk about the impact and implications of Covid-19 on children and their communities. The conversation explores the potentially long term serious impact of the Pandemic on young children unless the symptoms of emotional problems are recognized early and the safety net protecting children is strengthened during this difficult time. 

Episode 3 | The Now Generation

They used to call younger leaders “the next generation”, but don’t say that to Millennials or Gen Z. They consider themselves the Now Generation because of the issues that have been kicked down the road such as: social justice, racial inequity, climate change, food and housing insecurity, and have landed squarely in their hands.

Episode 2 | How Philanthropy is Changing; a 20-Year Perspective

Tom Burroughes, Group Editor at Family Wealth Report, and Betsy Brill, President of Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd explore the ways in which philanthropy has changed since 2000 when the firm was established and what factors are influencing and shaping the philanthropic sector going forward.

Episode 1 | 2020 Year End Giving: What You Need to Know!

Betsy Brill, President of Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., John LaFleur and Mollie Bunis, Managing Directors of the firm, discuss how the challenges of 2020 are affecting charitable giving as we approach year end.