Sara Moffitt

Sara is a Senior Philanthropic Advisor leading client engagements and supporting thought leadership for the firm.

In her own words: I have over twenty years of experience in philanthropy, city and state government, and the non-profit sector.  As a social worker and public health professional with extensive experience in various non-profits in Chicago, I understand the needs of the non-profit community and how philanthropy can play an important role in meeting those needs. I enjoy working with clients to understand their interests and motivations and matching them with compelling non-profits in order to build strong and meaningful partnerships.

Personally, I care deeply about issues related to equity and justice including poverty eradication and criminal legal reform which is reflected in my own philanthropic giving and advocacy work.  In my free time, I enjoy being with family and friends, working on the NYT crossword, and watching the latest reality TV series.

Senior Philanthropic Advisor

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