John LaFleur

John LaFleur is a Managing Director at Strategic Philanthropy Ltd., working with the advisor community as well as clients. John’s career includes serving as the director of a large embedded family office and then as the head of the family’s private foundation for a total of 21 years.  His Accounting background from Bentley University and prior experience working with privately held businesses and serving on various non-profit boards, has served him well in his client work.

In his own words: Starting out in a charitably-inclined family office was a genuine boon to my career, which at all times has included either supporting or launching non-profit organizations. I have a particular interest in the arts, having helped in the founding of the Edward Gorey House in Boston, and the installation of several high profile public sculptures such as the Edgar Allan Poe statue in Boston.  I love being a catalyst for new non-profit initiatives and have a deep passion for animal welfare. But my greatest pleasure, and top priority is raising two active and curious boys with my wife.

Managing Director

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