Give Confidently®

Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., offers a broad range of customized services designed to support donors wherever they are along their philanthropic journey. Whatever the vehicle—a private foundation, a Donor-Advised Fund, a Trust or a checkbook—whether giving individually or collectively as a family unit, or in the context of a company’s philanthropy, the starting point is to focus and clarify the charitable intent and determine what strategies would be most effective.

Meaningful charitable giving combines a passion to create change and a desire to transform that into action. Getting there requires a disciplined approach that includes strategy, planning, execution and evaluation. You want to ensure you:

  • Are using the most advantageous tools to implement your giving
  • Benefit from input from issue experts, professionals and charitable recipients
  • Consider your legacy—how you would like to be remembered
  • Are engaged—listening and asking questions
  • Look for strategic opportunities to make a real difference