Corporate Values

We are committed to ensuring that the following values will be the baseline by which we define and measure what we do.

  • Integrity–both in how we deliver our services, treat our clients, and all of those with whom we work.
  • Respect–the beginning and the end of every working relationship and conversation.
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion–the differences between people are what offer the greatest opportunity for learning, growing and demonstrating change.
  • Professionalism–the products and services we provide must always measure up to the highest standards of quality and value to our clients. We must position ourselves as leaders in the field, seeking to set the standards within our industry and reflect all of this in our efforts.
  • Responsiveness–we listen, we hear and we maintain open lines of dialogue and communication, with our clients, our allied advisors, colleagues and our employees.
  • Affecting change–our goal is always to affect change, improve the quality of life for individuals, local communities and the world.
  • Transparency–an open, sharing and collaborative relationship is the hallmark of a successful philanthropic practice and will make the work we do more meaningful for all stakeholders.
  • Informed–we must be on a constant learning curve in order to be responsive to the interests, needs and concerns of each of our clients, their advisors and our peers. Creating informed philanthropists is our goal. We must always be on a quest for knowledge, experiences and relevant data about our industry, issue areas, market opportunities and needs.
  • Creativity–ours is not a “cookie cutter” mentality when doing business. We must continually think “outside of the box”.
  • Gender sensitivity–wherever possible a gender lens should be in place and gender integrated or considered in addressing issues.
  • Humor–for the business to be successful, for our clients to fully appreciate what they are accomplishing, the work and relationships must be enjoyable.
  • Acknowledgement– we should never forget that we have a unique opportunity to make significant contributions and that we are all a part of the process. We should consciously appreciate our efforts, each other and the clients with whom we have the opportunity to work.
  • We practice what we preach and “seek to be the change we want to see”…each and every day.