How We Work with Donors

Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., is a fee-based, donor-centric firm. We do not provide legal, financial or investment counsel, rather we partner with your advisors so that you get the benefit of deep experience from all of the professionals on your team.

As a Multi-Family Philanthropic Office®, we can manage your philanthropy, including providing all administrative support, and support discrete projects, from facilitating multi-generational philanthropy to making major gifts. From creating a legacy that shares your values and passions with the next generation, to helping you understand how to most effectively integrate the various tools in the philanthropic toolbox; from grantmaking to impact investing.

Giving money away wisely is as much about using your head as using your heart, and results in real and meaningful change.  We have always believed that the more actively involved in the process you are, the greater the impact you can make and the more personally satisfying your charitable giving becomes.