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Here in Giving Insights®, you’ll find articles, news stories, and more that offer insights into how and why to incorporate philanthropy into your practice, topics of interest to share with clients, and current and future trends in philanthropy.

Articles and Information for Advisors
authored by our staff and other professionals

NEW Estate Planning and  COVID-19
Family Wealth Report, 05.07.2020

Philanthropy In The Age of COVID-19
Family Wealth Report, 03.17.2020

Philanthropy in 2019, 2020 And Beyond
Family Wealth Report, 12.05.2019

 8 Experts Every Family Office Should Have Now
Worth Magazine, 09.09.2019

What Philanthropists Want: A View From The Advisor’s Desk
Family Wealth Report, 6.12.2019

The Bond Between Impact Investing & Philanthropy
Financial Advisor Magazine, 4.1.2019

Unleashing The Power of Strategic Donor-Advised Funds
Financial Advisor Magazine, 1.2019

Major Gifts: Challenges & Opportunities
Family Wealth Report, 12.24.2018

‘What if…’ questions
The STEP Journal, 11.2018

Year-End Tips for Helping Clients Navigate Their Philanthropy
Family Wealth Report, 11.16.2018

Giving Among the New Wealthy
Financial Advisor Magazine, 4.2.2018

When It Comes to Donating Money, Whom Do You Trust?
New York Times, 3.25.2018

Making Charitable Gifts – What Donors Should Know
Family Wealth Report, 3.21.2018

Charitable Planning and the new HNW Demographics – What Advisors Should Know

Year-End Tips for Helping Clients Navigate Their Philanthropy
Family Wealth Report, 11.15.2017

When US Clients Give Globally
The STEP Journal, 11.2017

Disaster Response – What You Can Do
Family Wealth Report, 10.2.2017

Talking Across Generations: Philanthropy as a Communication Tool
The Practitioner by Family Firm Institute, 9.22.2017

Donor-Advised Funds as Family Philanthropy Vehicle
Family Wealth Report, 8.22.2017

How Wealthy Families Navigate the Choice of Donor Advised Funds vs. Private Foundations
Family Wealth Report, 8.15.2017

When Politics and Philanthropy Intersect
Family Wealth Report, 6.7.2017

Ensuring a Major Gift Works for All Parties
Family Wealth Report, 4.26.2017

Reaching Out to the Next Generation—Why Philanthropy Matters
Family Wealth Report, 3.29.2017

Are Advisors Talking to the Right Clients?
Family Wealth Report, 2.27.2017

More Than Money—What a Donor Should Know About Gifting Non-Cash Assets
Family Wealth Report, 1.26.2017


Webinars and Videos

Video: Cracking Open the Philanthropic Conversation with Clients
Financial Advisor Magazine, 6.09.2017

Video:  A Discussion of Time Limited and In Perpetuity Charitable Giving Vehicles

Video:  Daniel M. Kaufherr Charitable Trust: A Decade of Contributing to Community



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