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Here in Giving Insights®, you’ll find articles, news stories, and more that offer insights into how and why to incorporate philanthropy into your practice, topics of interest to share with clients, and current and future trends in philanthropy.


Articles on Trends and Topics in Philanthropy


Giving Tuesday – Supporting the Rising Generations
Family Wealth Report, 11.29.2022

Movement Building and the Rising Generation of Wealth
Family Wealth Report, 10.20.2022

Family Philanthropy: Bridging the Generation Gap and Working Together
PFK O’Connor Davies, 08.05.2021

The Relationship Between Non-Cash Assets and Charitable Giving
Succession Advisors, 05.27.2021

Using Art to Fund Charitable Gifts
Family Wealth Report, 04.10.2020

Meet The Experts: Susan Winer
UHNW Institute, 11.01.2020

Estate Planning and  COVID-19
Family Wealth Report, 05.07.2020

Philanthropy In The Age of COVID-19
Family Wealth Report, 03.17.2020



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