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Year-End Tips for Helping Clients Navigate Their Philanthropy
Family Wealth Report, 11.15.2017

When US Clients Give Globally
The STEP Journal, 11.2017

Disaster Response – What You Can Do
Family Wealth Report, 10.2.2017

Talking Across Generations: Philanthropy as a Communication Tool
The Practitioner by Family Firm Institute, 9.22.2017

Donor-Advised Funds as Family Philanthropy Vehicle
Family Wealth Report, 8.22.2017

How Wealthy Families Navigate the Choice of Donor Advised Funds vs. Private Foundations
Family Wealth Report, 8.15.2017

When Politics and Philanthropy Intersect
Family Wealth Report, 6.7.2017

Ensuring a Major Gift Works for All Parties
Family Wealth Report, 4.26.2017

Reaching Out to the Next Generation—Why Philanthropy Matters
Family Wealth Report, 3.29.2017

Are Advisors Talking to the Right Clients?
Family Wealth Report, 2.27.2017

More Than Money—What a Donor Should Know About Gifting Non-Cash Assets
Family Wealth Report, 1.26.2017

Year End Tips For Helping Clients Navigate Philanthropy
Family Wealth Report, 12.2016

The Keys to Effective Partnerships Between Donors and Grantees, 9.2016

Fidelity Charitable 2016 Giving Gap Report

Learn Foundation Law

Steps to Catalyze Private Foundation Impact Investing
The White House, 4.21.2016

Male and Female Advisors See Things Differently, 4.11.2016

The Name Game: An Inside Look at the Politics of Donations
Town & Country, 3.24.2016

What Scares Wealthy Clients the Most?, 3.17.2016

ESG Ratings Can Be Conversation Starters for Advisors
Financial Advisor Magazine, 3.1.2016

Giving Report Shows Growth But Not for Everyone
Nonprofit Quarterly, 2.5.2016

How a Family Expresses Its Values May Effect the Fate of Its Business
Family Business Magazine, 1.2016

Estate and Gift Saving Opportunities 
Financial Advisor Magazine, 1.25.2016

How Individual Donors Can Help Build Movements 
Stanford Social Innovation Review, 1.7.2016

Congress Extends Some Charitable Tax Provisions Permanently
The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 12.21.2015

UHNW Millennials Flex Muscle in Family Philanthropy, Study Says
Financial Advisor Magazine, 12.9.2015

When Does a Private Foundation Make Sense?*
Family Foundation Advisor, 12.2015

Forbes 2015 Special Philanthropy Issue
Forbes, 11.24.2015

IRS Guidance on Mission-Related Investments
Council on Foundations, 2015

Retirement Plans Can Consider Impact Investments
The NonProfit Times, 10.23.2015

A Lasting Impact—Creating a Beginning for the End*
STEP Journal, 10.2015

A Tax Case for Business Owner Philanthropy
Forbes, 9.28.2015

Trends in Philanthropy*
Trusts & Estates, 9.18.2015

Giving Gifts with Confidence*
Private Asset Management 9.2015

Talking Across Generations: Philanthropy as a Communication Tool
Family Office Review, 3.20.2014

The Family Foundation as a Business Model*
Family Office Review, 2.3.2014

Changes of Heart*
STEP Journal, 2.2014

The Value of the Philanthropic Conversation: An Important Advisor and Client 4th Quarter Conversation, 10.6.2013

An Opportunity for Advisors: Helping Uncertain Clients Use Their Wealth for Social Good*
Family Wealth Report, 6.20.13

Ask the Experts with Susan Winer*
Private Asset Management, 4.24.2013

First Ever Study of Gen X, Y Donors Reveals Opportunities for Advisor Engagement*
Family Wealth Report, 2.11.13

Protecting the Legacy of an Estate Plan
Wealth Management Insider, 1.23.13

Giving Without Borders, 1.14.13

Non-Cash Assets as Contributions
Financial Advisor Magazine, 1.10.13


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