Who We Are

Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., was founded in 2000 by Betsy Brill and Susan Winer, who believed—and still do—that anyone who cares deeply about tackling the social, environmental and economic challenges in local communities and the world … in a meaningful and measurable way … should have the tools and partners they need to achieve their goals.

The firm is donor-centric, working with individuals, families and their closely held and family-owned businesses, as well as their advisors. Although we’ve grown over the years, and now function very much as a Multi-Family Philanthropic Office® for many clients, our business focus remains the same:

  • To help ensure smart philanthropic decisions
  • To inform a thorough understanding of options and impact potential
  • To provide support in the management and implementation of charitable activities
  • To mitigate risks and foster a deeper understanding of the greater context in which charitable dollars are invested