The Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd. Team

At Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., we believe that truly effective philanthropy is a partnership, and the impact- the social return on charitable investments- is driven by transparency, best practices, knowledge, and creativity.

This philosophy is clearly apparent when you meet the key members of the full time staff of Strategic Philanthropy Ltd. These knowledgeable and experienced practitioners are supported by more than 100 Associates worldwide who are recognized experts in specific philanthropic sectors, issue areas and demographics. The collaborative team approach to client services allows us to build a more solid and integrated philanthropic landscape that captures the intent and passions of donors and invests in the future sustainability of organizations and communities.

Betsy Brill
Susan Winer
Chief Operating Officer
Brian Hughes
Strategic Partner
Mollie Bunis
Managing Director, Philanthropic Services
Peggy Daitch
Associate Director

Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., is a member of the Chicago Estate Planning Council, a Professional Partner with Exponent Philanthropy, The International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy, Donors Forum, EDGE Funders Alliance, International Human Rights Funders Group, National Center for Family Philanthropy, Fidelity Charitable Philanthropic Advice program, the American Endowment Foundation, and National Philanthropic Trust's Philanthropic Advisor Network.