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17 Charitable Tips for the Wealthiest Clients, 12.1.2014

Philanthropy in the Global Village
Originally published in Developing a Global Agenda: Expert insight from the inaugural STEP Global Congress, edited by Richard Pease and published by STEP in association with Bloomsbury Professional. The full publication is available from

How Naming Rights Can Go Wrong
The Wall Street Journal, 9.21.2014

Transitions: Opportunities and Challenges for Family Philanthropy
National Center for Family Philanthropy, 9.19.2014

Talking Philanthropy With Millennials
The Wall Street Journal, 9.19.2014

Spending Down the Family Foundation
The Wall Street Journal, 3.10.2014

Philanthropic Planning Increases as Year Winds Down
Private Asset Management, 12.23.2013

'Transparency is a Mutual Affair' for Givers, Nonprofits
Crains Chicago Business, 8.5.2013

Preparing For A Wave Of Wealth Transfer
Private Wealth, 5.16.2013

FEATURE: Many Generation Y Donors Are "Taking The Reins" In Philanthropy
Family Wealth Report, 3.4.13

One Size Does Not Fit All: Alternatives To The Family Foundation
Family Wealth Report December 2012

Good Growth
STEP Journal December 2012/January 2013

Legacy Planning: A Necessity Not An Option
Alliance Magazine December 2012

Knowing Your Nonprofit
Private Wealth Magazine November 2012

What can donors do to mitigate the pain of the new normal, asks ASF conference

Latest from Alliance 10.23.12

Leaving a Legacy
Private Asset Management (PAM) October 2012

The Global Giving Landscape: What Advisors Need to Know
Family Wealth Report 10.09.12

Research on High Net Worth Individuals Shows Need for Charitable Planning Services 
Family Foundation Advisor September/October 2012

Philanthropic Security

Private Wealth Magazine September 2012

A Family Foundation Trustee “To Do” List
Family Wealth Report 6.15.2012

Philanthropy is Good Business
Family Business May/June 2012

Donor-Advised Funds: Strategic Vehicles for Family Philanthropy
Fidelity Charitable

Ask the Expert
Private Asset Management (PAM), March 2012

When Picking Charities, Use Your Heart...And Your Head
Forbes, 1.31.2012

You Don't Need A Private Foundation To Give Strategically
Greater Horizons 1.25.2012

Strategic Philanthropy's 2011 e-book: Effective Philanthropy
Most Read articles of 2011

Incorporating Philanthropy into the Estate Planning Process
NAEPC Journal of Estate & Tax Planning, Fourth Quarter, 2011

Ending the year with fundamental questions about giving
Lastest from Alliance, 12.22.11

Expert Comment: Holiday Tips for Clients’ Family Philanthropy
Family Wealth Report, 12.22.11

5 Ways To Improve Your Family's Philanthropy
Forbes, 11.21.2011

The Advisor As Peacemaker
Private Wealth, November 2011

Philanthropy, Now Yielding Financial Returns, 10.10.2011

Taking a Risk to Support Controversial Issues: Pushing the Boundaries of Philanthropy
Latest From Alliance, 09.13.2011

Feature: Investing With A Mission
Family Wealth Report, 09.13.2011

Cross-Border Giving
Latest From Alliance, 08.09.2011

Are American Philanthropists Ignoring The Poor?, 07.28.2011

An Important Part of Client Services
PAM (Private Asset Management), 07.07.2011

Strategic Philanthropy Ltd. named finalist in STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) 2011/2012 Private Client Awards for “Philanthropy Team of the Year”
STEP Journal, 07.04.2011

How To Perform Due Diligence As A Donor, 06.15.2011

The Top Ten Ingredients for Successful Charitable Planning
Financial Advisor, 06.07.2011

Great Expectations: Meeting Clients' Philanthropy Needs
Family Wealth Report, 06.06.2011

Hearing the Children
Financial Advisor, 05.12.2011

Before You Create a Charitable Giving Vehicle … Have the Charitable Giving Conversation
STEP Journal, 05.01.2011

How To Make Philanthropy A Family Affair, 04.19.2011

The Power Of Investing In Women, 03.28.2011

Working With A Philanthropic Advisor
Family Foundation Advisor, 03.15.2011

Initiating the Philanthropic Conversation
Family Wealth Report, 03.14.2011

How To Find The Right Donor-Advised Fund (And Why), 02.28.2011

Weighing the Best Vehicles For Philanthropic Giving
The New York Times, 01.28.2011

The More Philanthropy Changes, The More It Stays The Same, 01.27.2011

Individual Philanthropy: Looking Back And Forging Ahead to 2011, 12.20.2010

Smarter Spending for Private Foundations
Family Wealth Report, 12.13.2010

A New Way To Invest In Nonprofits, 11.10.2010

Family Foundation Succession Planning- The Advisor's Role
Family Wealth Report, 09.29.2010

Sustainable Investing Doesn't Mean You Have To Lose Money, 09.17.2010

Not In A League With Buffett And Gates, But Still Giving, 08.24.2010

Stepping Up To The Lifetime Giving Challenge, 08.02.2010

Technology and Learning: Opportunities for Advisers, 06.24.2010

Finding The Right Vehicle For Charitable Giving, 06.09.2010

Reporting from the 1st Pacific Northwest Global Donors Conference, 06.01.2010

(Still) Learning to Communicate with Grantees, 05.06.2010

Tax Season Good Time To Review Charitable Giving Practices
Family Wealth Report, 04.13.2010

Will Growing Wealth in Emerging Economies Lead to Meaningful Philanthropy, 04.01.2010

When Local Charities Become State Budget Casualties, 03.24.2010

A Nascent Field But Growing
Alliance Magazine, 03.01.2010

Haiti: Lessons In Supporting Disaster Relief, 02.18.2010

Nonprofit CEOs Are Worth Every Dime, 01.22.2010

In the News

Fights Over Taxes and Spending Bring Boom, Bust, or Uncertainty
Chronicle of Philanthropy, 1.13.13

How to Make the Most of the Season of Giving

WGN 12.6.12

Stepping Up at Family Firms
The New York Times 11.8.12

Specialty Funds Appeal to the Hands-On Donor
The New York Times 11.8.12

The 2012 Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy
Bank of America, November 2012

2012 State of the Work: The Road to Greater Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Philanthropy
D5 Coalition

Women Give 2012
Women's Philanthropy Institute at the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University

Credit Suisse Earns High Marks For UHNW Philanthropy Event
Family Wealth Report 9.10.12

Overcoming Outmoded Skepticism: Seeing National Donor-advised Funds for What They Are
Nonprofit Quarterly 4.23.12

Philanthropy: How To Keep A Philanthropist Out of Court
Dow Jones Newswire 3.19.12

How HNW Charitable Giving Is Changing
Registered Rep, 12.21.11

Setting up philanthropic gifts that keep on giving
Crain's 12.12.11

Keep the Stock, Donate the Beans
The Wall Street Journal 11.28.11

Putting Charities to The Financial Test
The Wall Street Journal 11.28.11

Inspiring, offputting, or irrelevant? How do other donors see Gates?
Alliance Magazine, 09.01.2011

Philanthropy’s Cutting Edge
AdvisorOne, 09.01.2011

Wall Street Journal Video: How Philanthropy Advisers Can Help
Wall Street Journal, 07.07.2011

The Importance of "No"
The Private Client Reserve Magazine, Summer 2011

Reconfiguring Giving
Financial Advisor, 12.15.2010

Doing Good, With Help
Wall Street Journal, 12.13.2010

Give a Gift and Cut Your Taxes, 11.25.2010

Turning Passion Into Action: Giving While Living
Atlantic Reports, 06.01.2010