For Donors

If you are reading this, it is because you would like to make sure every charitable dollar you spend has impact and achieves results. While you want tax benefits from your charitable giving, that’s not your sole motivation. You appreciate the benefit of having professional counsel, whether legal, financial, or philanthropic, and you want your professional advisory team to work together in your best interests.

You aren’t quite sure what all the questions are and know you don’t have all the answers. You don’t want to wait until some distant point in the future to begin to have impact—to find a cure for a disease, create a cleaner environment, ensure equity and parity, advance civil and human rights, honor your alma mater, create greater access to the arts and education.

You know about the multi-billion dollar transfer of wealth that is underway but not how to prepare your children or grandchildren for how important it is to be thoughtful managers of their money and contributors in their community. You want to share your values but honor the next generation’s values and choices as well.

You care deeply, and so do we. To-date, we have facilitated more than $2 billion in charitable gifts for people who, just like you, were seeking to make a difference.