For Advisors

Our commitment to the legal and financial communities cannot be overstated. Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., is completely conflict-free: we do not provide legal or financial counsel; we are vehicle agnostic; we do not consult to non-profits; and we do not promote issue areas. This allows us to maintain total objectivity around the charitable interests of donors and work collaboratively with their trusted advisors.

Our work with and on behalf of advisors is as important a part of our practice as is our work with donors.  Since our founding in 2000, we have continually sought to find ways to enhance the advisor’s practice.  We have developed a variety of informational and service offerings designed to help advisors seamlessly integrate the philanthropic conversation into their work with clients. This includes a few proprietary resources created specifically for advisors such as:

In addition, we offer a variety of articles, white papers, and case studies that can be shared with clients.